Florilège by Brighton based band, Greenness.
This meticulously packaged delight comes with each copy uniquely decorated by members of the Brighton based band, Greenness. It includes their most recent offering, the Cyclicity EP, and their 2016 release Bicephaly. 
I met singer Cess down the White Rabbit, to fetch the CDs off her, and we had a lovely chat about how the band's going. Apparently they are looking at a new release coming soon, so keep your ears to the early bird. It was extremely surprising to find out that the Cyclicity release had been recorded, and produced, by multi-talented band mate Graham, in his living room. Cess' sublime vocals soar above beautifully crafted tracks, that seem to draw from, amongst others, folk, tribal, and even Cuban influences.
Us folk down t'market will be looking forward to the new material to come.

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