Malaclypse Podcast - Episode 2 featuring Half Melted Brain Records
Me and Ana, from Brighton's very own, Half Melted Brain Records, braved through the solitude of the Covid19 quarantine lock down to meet up on video chat for a natter about the label, psychedelic experiences, bands from out of space, and what life is like on lock down here in Brighton town.
The main news was of their latest release by the band, Traps, an  EP called Brain Wee, from which we heard the dreamy Drug Trumpet. We also heard music from one of my favourite from the label, Codex Serafiini, a band who have come to visit from Saturn, to learn our ways and gain inspiration from human culture. They're now stuck here under intergalactic quarantine, but luckily have brought along their new album to share, which is currently breaking chart records on over half the Saturnian moons, even going triple platinum on Ganymede.

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